"Reality - conceived as the sum of the imaginable rather than as the sum of what exists physically - is a universe composed of a plurality of distinct worlds"

My fascinations lie in the construction and processes of the world. What lies beneath people’s perceptions? I seek to find those realms, or imagine them. I look for the broader structures that shape and govern life. I pursue to grasp a somewhat “beyond-human” perspective, then get back to what is most humanly. The main objective of my work is to collect and reveal the vast variety of viewpoints that potentially exist. To visualise the invisible. To observe and try to understand, I am an explorer.

I create mainly installations and hybrid art pieces. The most common tools in my practice are photography and video. I often take the relationship between the whole and its components as a structure to the piece. I build up the work from smaller blocks which work together, either in a modular fashion, or simply as a series.

In my recent works I have been interested in the materiality of the image and its expansion in the physical realm. A meaningful manipulation of the image - still/moving or tangible/abstract, is what I’m after.