The work is a mixture between my personal experience in Italy and the
general idea of the so called “Sweet life”. A life, that is in fact not that sweet.
From the negative experience I gather more detail, this is how the brain is
constructed. Negative emotions need more thinking, according to
researchers. Hence people tend to be more affected by them than by the
pleasure in life, talk more about the losses than the gains and remember the
bad better than the good. Perhaps for this reason fragments of joy were all I
could catch.
“Dolce Vita” is a series of seven short stop motion movies and one longer time
lapse, which is in a way opposed to them. The seven clips are very brief and
show different events in short breaths while the landscape presents a more
introspective approach. Whether that helps us in our perceptions is for the
viewer to decide.
7 stop-motion videos, 1 time-lapse projection