"Reality – conceived as the sum of the imaginable rather than as the sum of what exists physically – is a universe composed of a plurality of distinct worlds"

- the living handbook of narratology

My fascinations lie in the broader systems of a “beyond-human” perspective. I look for the processes which govern and limit our perceptions. I often find insights in science. The main objective of my work is to discover alternative ways of experiencing, to visualise the invisible, to observe and try to understand.

I create mainly installations and hybrid art pieces, using various media. I often take the relationship of the whole and its components as a structure of the piece. I build up the work from smaller blocks which work together, either in a modular fashion, or simply as a series.

In my recent works I have been interested in the materiality of the digital image, its expansion in the physical realm, and tracing that process of transformation.

Ultimately, I rely on intuition.