"Reality – conceived as the sum of the imaginable rather than as the sum of what exists physically – is a universe composed of a plurality of distinct worlds"

- the living handbook of narratology

My fascinations lie in the processes which govern and limit our perceptions. The main objectives of my work are to discover alternative ways of experiencing, to visualise the invisible, to observe and try to understand. I often find insights in science. The pieces generally revolve around themes like materiality/formation, agency/control, chance.

My work is image-based, often taking the relationship of the whole and its components as a structure. It's built from smaller blocks which act together, either in a modular fashion, or simply as a series. In my recent works I have been exploring not only what reality is, but also what it potentially could be, and how it could be shaped.

I hold MA degrees in New Media (Aalto University, Helsinki, FI) and Photography (National Academy of Art, Sofia, BG). My work has been exhibited at a number of venues in Bulgaria, Finland, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea. Currently I live and work in Helsinki.