Subtle Motion (2020)

Reflection of a personal experience of the Covid-19 lockdown in the spring of 2020. This video is a journey through the living room of the artist, bringing up questions about our relationship with space, the notion of home and the everyday in the context of the extreme (lockdown). The composition consists of a series of videos of mundane situations, embedded in the borders of the artist’s living room 3D scan.

It all seems safe between our homes’ walls. “My home is my castle” the proverb says. But where does my home end? Is it with the front door, or can I call the neighbouring park Home, too, if I feel at home there? When I’m being constrained to the boundaries of my apartment, doesn’t it change from Home to World?

There was a certain tension between the safe space we call Home and the uncertainty awaiting right outside. Subtle Motion is an expression of that tension. A personal experience, but depersonalised.

Material: video, 1 channel, 2:45

Size: varying

Image Image Image