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For most of us, all life happens “in front of our eyes”. Most of the information comes through visual perception. There are, however, many moments when we blink. They are in fact so frequent that our eyes are closed for roughly 10% of our waking hours. We are used to thinking that it’s because our eyes need proper hydration, but research shows that those moments are not random at all. What blinking is used for is not completely certain, but it definitely is a different realm of the mind. The human brain has no sensors for time. Time is a construct. our experience of time is created from how things change in our visual perception. How these “blackouts” of blinking shape our world?

Blackouts is a series of photographic prints. They are snapshots taken by the artist’s phone camera accidentally and discovered afterwards. They are completely independent events, out of the person’s control. Blackouts depicts intimacy through the absence of figuration, as well as those moments of time, which are unaccounted for.

Material: digital print Size: 5 images 60 x 80 cm, 9 images 6 x 8 cm Year: 2019