Contingent Space (2023)

Contingent Space is a series of virtual collages built up from physical parts where the viewer is guided to explore the environment through a specific route. The work brings up questions of perception, agency, control.

Entering one of the spaces is similar to entering a dream. One can reflect upon past experiences and draw from different encounters, but they are scrambled and fragmented, and make no sense at first glance. The mind possibly creates new narratives while drifting there. It’s another layer of reality where the physical is transformed into intangible. These separate layers – the physical and the virtual – complement each other, and the self is the bridge between them.

However, with every transformation something gets lost and the new entity is not a perfect replica of the old. Original spaces are skewed, some of their lines are bended, something got accidentally hidden from one’s sight. The guide decided to lead them through this possible path, and not the other.

Material: video, 3 channels, 4:14 min, 4:03 min, 5:15 min

Size: varying

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