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Reality around us is in perpetual dynamics – a process of rediscovery and continuous restart with the resources available at the time. Through the mechanisms of destruction and creation, everything we know exists.

This is a “site-specific” work, created for the square box for the Herbarium Collection. I choose to herbarize the idea of accepting constant change and experimental (re)creation. Reflection and repetition. Chaos as a part of me.

“Particles” is a collection of my own drawings, photographs, and prints – in the form of confetti. These are previous perceptions that pass into a new form and are no longer independent units, but parts of another whole.

As a by-product of the herbarium thus obtained, I add the pleasure of performing completely meaningless actions - in this case punching a huge number of holes in perfectly good pieces.

Material: paper, plexiglass, wood Size: 40 x 40 cm Year: 2021