Possible Worlds (2016 - 2018)

What we think is real is constructed in our head. Taking all the information from our sensory input and considering our core beliefs the brain builds the pictures of our realities. Objective reality is a contract between people. Possible Worlds breaks that contract.

The work brings up the old question of what is really real. It includes elements of the reality as we know it but it is letting go of the conventionally perceived experiences and is sliding to the imaginable.

“Real” images at first glance only.

Starting point is Possible Worlds: North (2016), which is based on a Finnish landscape. The next parts: Possible Worlds: East, - West, and - South step on images taken by the artist in Seoul, New York, and Rome.

Material: video, digital print

Size: North, South - varying, East - 50x300cm, West 30x135cm

Image Image Image Image Image