The Guest

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Humans are used to perceiving the surrounding environment from the viewpoint of their own head (which is natural, as the processes of receiving and rationalising the information occur there). However, humans sometimes tend to forget that the other creatures also assimilate this information in a certain/another way. People have rather limited senses. If we had, for instance, the ability to hear slightly lower frequencies than those we can, we would be able to hear how our body works, how the heart pumps blood and how blood tuns in the veins. A dog can see very limited amount of colours. For the dog the rainbow does not exist. Interestingly, how many phenomena are invisible to us? The insects see us in slow motion. Jean Piaget discovered that egocentrism is inherent to young children. The human grows out of this bad habit in time and gradually learns to accept another viewpoint. This proves that empathy is a higher mechanism, a kind of a sign of evolution. Physically we cannot leave our body and see the rest of the world from the side. We can, however, imagine it and have it in mind. The Guest is the viewpoint of a fly with the human sight.

Material: film UV photographs Size: 100 x 150 cm each Year: 2015